4K Pro Picture Quality
Naturally stunning.
Breathtakingly vivid colours from nature flow directly to the screen
Stunning Beauty with Accurate Colour Reproduction
IPS LED Super Bright Plus gives you improved brightness by 57%* & wider viewing angle. Everything from colour vibrancy and naturalism to sharpness and clarity benefits from extra brightness. So IPS LED Super Bright Plus technology injects more brightness into pictures by putting high efficiency LED lights behind and exceptionally transmissive IPS panel. Excellent viewing angle characteristics provide beautiful images even when viewed from an angle.
Hexa Chroma Drive
Essential Technology of Hexa Chroma Drive 6 Colour Reproduction
Hexa Chroma Drive is an original Panasonic technology for providing natural, beautiful colours with “6 Colour Reproduction.”
3D Look Up Table
The application of professional standard 3D Color Management Systems (3D lookup tables) makes it possible to set the Rec. 709 color space in extremely fine brightness steps for accurate color expression at virtually any level of brightness.
Hexa Chroma Drive Pro / Plus Only
Wide Colour Space
By using special Wide Colour Phosphor Technology capable of producing a wider colour range, it covers more than 90% of DCI standards. It gives you a more subtle, naturally toned colour palette which looks authentic in any scene.
Hexa Chroma Drive Pro / Plus Only
Vibrant Images with Brilliant Expression Combine with HDR Compatibility
A new viewing experience enhances realism with brightness.
Panasonic's new ‘honeycomb’ structure allows the industry's top level of brightness to reproduce crisp images with high contrast and delicate detail even in dark scenes.
Delivers a premium High Dynamic Range experience with astounding highlights
High Dynamic Range (HDR) content on HDR enabled TVs delivers images much closer to the way your eyes see the real world. Deep blacks are combined with very bright highlights to produce a level of reality not previously possible on a television - especially on Panasonic’s Premium HDR screens with their industry-leading.
Deep robust blacks with high contrast Local Dimming Ultra
The screen brings out intricate bright and dark details, with highly nuanced expression from a large number of local-dimming zones directly behind the LCD panel.
Delivers four times the picture resolution of a normal HD TV
With their 3840 x 2160 resolutions, 4K Ultra HD TVs make pictures look so detailed and pristine that you feel like you’re looking at the real world through a window rather than watching TV.
The Picture Quality of A Professional Cinema in Your Living Room
Rigorous THX performance standards and uncompromising picture quality make sure that you experience the filmmaker's vision exactly as it was intended.
Reduces picture noise to make images look clearer
Many video sources still contain lots of random noise. Multi Noise Reduction's unique noise detection and correction processing can remove this noise.
Makes sure 4K pictures don't lose sharpness with motion
BMR 4K IFC solves the motion problem by inserting new image frames, and manipulating the screen's backlight scanning engine.
Gives sound a more lifelike ambience
Experience a wider, more immersive soundstage when watching TV thanks to a combination of sophisticated audio processing and wide-angle speakers.
True To The Filmmaker’s Intention
See Every Nuance and Detail of the Original Film on the Display Thanks to Professional Quality Technology
The Panel as The Canvas
Our panels combine wide cinematic colours, outstanding brightness, and inky blacks also capable of preserving subtle nuance. This is made possible thanks to Panasonic's unique new 'Honeycomb’structure.
The Processor as The Artist
Our Studio Master HCX+ and HCX processors are Panasonic's brand new image processing chips. Making use of professional-level colour management technology and knowhow from our reference-quality plasma TVs, they are capable of superb accuracy ensuring you see every details.
Seeing is believing.
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