Movies You Simply Shouldn’t Miss

Over the last 2 decades we’ve seen vast improvements in the quality of motion pictures produced by Hollywood as the advancement in technology has pushed the boundaries in filmmaking. The movie directors in turn are able to capitalise on these advancements in technology and CGI effects, producing the most fantastic epic tales and heroic feats that are completely out of this world.

Here are 3 movies that are not to be missed because of their amazing attention to details, story lines and impact.


Set in a city where all the animals have banded together to form a new world in harmony, Zootopia was animated with unprecedented level of details - Judy Hopps the movie’s heroin has about 2.5 million CGI hairs on her! The directors, Byron Howard & Rich Moore also wittily weaved in an underpinning theme of inclusiveness and empowerment into this furry fuzzy movie resulting in an animation that’s as rich in details as it is in thought-provoking messages, making it relevant to children and adults alike.

The Revenant

Receiver of 12 Oscar nominations, this epic historical survival film has frozen the movie world in mesmerisation. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu who was uncompromising throughout the whole filming process resulted in a starkly beautiful and absorbing drama. Every emotion, every landscape was captured so vividly; you will be immersed in a cinematic experience that depicts the extraordinary power of the human spirit.

Captain America: Civil War

2016 being the world of comic movies, Civil War deserves an honorary mention. This Anthony Russo and Joe Russo blockbuster achieved superb balance of plot, action, humour and drama along with well-developed characters. Even Spidey gets an appearance in preparation for his upcoming Spider-Man movie. If you’ve missed this, you would definitely want to catch up on it before the next wave of comic movies hits the screens.

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