Why 4K TV?
In the first place, what is a 4K TV?
A 4K Ultra HD TV delivers 4 times the picture resolution of a full HD TV. This gives you a taste of reality and a sense of depth when you enjoy your video content on the 4K TV.
See the difference between a Full HD TV and a 4K TV picture resolution!
Full HD
Why 4K TV when most of the TV content available now are not even produced in 4K-quality yet?
You are right to say that most of the TV content available on Malaysia channels are not produced in 4K-quality yet. However, the Panasonic Viera 4K TV comes with a high performance image-processing engine that can render highly intricate and detailed 4K images. Hence, even though you are only watching a your blu-ray or DVD full HD video content, it can be upscaled to 4K-equivalent resolution with this powerful technology.
A good quality TV can last you for a long time, hence, you would want to invest in one that is with future proof technology to save you from upgrading in the near future.
What makes Panasonic Viera 4K Pro TV unique?
Faithful Colour Reproduction
Panasonic 4K Pro TVs use 3D Colour Management Systems which make it possible to ensure that colours are accurately portrayed even in very darkscenes.
As Bright as Real Life

Deep blacks are combined with very bright highlights to produce a level of reality not previously possible on a television - especially on Panasonic’s Premium HDR screens with their industry-leading brightness.
True to the Filmmakers' Intentions
Panasonic works with professional Hollywood colourists to ensure that our picture quality is true to the filmmaker's vision.
The latest Viera 4K Pro TV series have a unique Panasonic technology called the HEXA Chroma Drive. It uses 6-color instead of 3 to reproduce stunning picture quality and faithful colors.
With 6-color management, Viera 4K TV can fully express subtle colors that previously can't be expressed. It gives you a three-dimensional experience and a sense of depth of the pictures.
Every single detail in the hot red dress is shown.
Experience the difference in the green color of the prairie.
The golden treasure is no longer hidden.
The colors changes in the beautiful sky during sunset are almost unreal.
I am happy with my current full HD TV picture quality. Why should I upgrade to a 4K TV?
The sub-title fine characters look much clearer with 4 times the resolution of a full HD TV - you don't need to squeeze your eyes to read it and won't miss the storyline now!
Also, with Viera 4K TV which is compatible with the rest of your 4K devices, enjoy viewing your 4K creations on a big 4K TV screen!
Seeing is believing.
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