3 Myths About 4K TV

4K TVs have been the talk of the town lately, however it comes with its own fair share of misconceptions too. Here we address the 3 most common myths surrounding the 4K TV.

MYTH 1: 4K TVs are expensive

4K TVs are thought to come with a premium price tag because it is new and it is enhanced with state of the art technology. Although that may be true, but with TV manufacturers offering their own lineup of 4K TVs, prices have gotten even more competitive. In fact, Panasonic’s VIERA 4K Ultra HD TV range starts from a suggested retail price of only RM3999 for a 50” 4K TV. That’s in the same price range as a smartphone.

MYTH 2: If it is 4K, it has superb picture quality

“4K” simply means the resolution is 4 times of a Full HD TV, ie. the resolution for Full HD TV is 1920 X 1080 where as the 4K TV has a resolution of 3840 X 2160.

Although this is useful in delivering greater details, superb picture quality also depends on the brightness, contrast and the colour management system of the TV. Traditionally TV only has a 3-colour management system – Red, Green, Blue. The more colours the colour management system can read like the 6-colour management system of VIERA’s 4K Ultra HD TV, the more dynamic & realistic images are, resulting in better picture quality.

MYTH 3: There are no 4K content

The flood of 4K content might be arriving sooner than you think. As broadcasters such as Netflix, ESPN and BBC pushes to produce more 4K programming, soon 4K content will reach beyond 4K DVDs. In fact, live broadcast in 4K may be the new norm as we seen the first of such breakthrough during the World Cup in 2014.

But that’s the future, so why invest in a 4K TV now? Because, Full HD programs look better in 4K. The key is to identify a 4K TV with a powerful image processor that can “scale” a source from a lower resolution up to a higher one, such as the 4K Fine Remaster Engine by in VIERA TVs that will give your HD content a step up to 4K equivalent.

If any of these 3 myths had stopped you from exploring the possibility of owning a 4K TV before, now it is the time for you to take a closer look. Just head into an electrical dealer and experience the true picture for yourself.