5 Reasons Why The Struggle of Going Out Is Real

It’s Friday night and you’re all set to watch another anticipated blockbuster film starring The Rock. You get into your car and drive out only to be faced with the rush hour jam, but it’s all right, you still have 2 hours before the movie starts and just enough time to buy your ticket. 45 minutes later, you arrive at the mall and diligently start looking for parking, though a part of you wants to give up after going around the parking lot 5 times, you continue. You finally find a spot and praise the lord.

Queuing at the ticket counter now proves to be another waiting game with at least 15 people in front of you. 20 minutes before the movie starts, you’ve gotten your tickets and begin queuing at the concession stand –– you need to eat. Finally, you enter the hall and get to your seat that’s just the right distance from the screen so you won’t strain your neck too much. Brilliant! The ads just finished and the film has started. You’re focused on the exposition, the introduction to the characters, The Rock’s bulging biceps, when all of a sudden –– you hear a sharp, loud cry. You’re startled out of concentration by the sound of a crying infant that triggers more babies to start crying. Sounds like something out of a movie, but this couldn’t be truer. It happens to all of us, and you know what? The struggle is REAL.

#1 Home entertainment is booming

Out-of-home entertainment is getting increasingly taxing to procure due to external factors that may make it inconvenient. This leads to more folks preferring to cozy up at home in front of the TV and various other screens, streaming Netflix and literally chilling without the stress of the outside world. According to Scimex , “it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons for these lifestyle changes, but the trends reflect advances in information and communication technology that have led to increased video watching and computer use, and better work-from-home options”.

That is why tech giants always work to catch up to all your entertainment needs. Check out our previous article on our latest OLED TV to see how it can spice up your home life by achieving quality that is as close to what is shown in the cinemas.

#2 Driving out is a drag

Let’s face it, if it weren’t for work, social events and sourcing for basic necessities, we would be perfectly content staying at home. If you live in densely populated areas, you know the feeling of being stuck in seemingly endless traffic jams. It can really take a toll on you, with the introduction to this article being a perfect illustration of that. You could opt for public transport and a host of pre-booked ride-hailing services, but in the long-run that costs a lot of money you can’t afford to spend.

#3 Save money, spend it elsewhere

Money. Can’t get enough of it, can’t spend enough of it. If only the latter part was true, but we know that in this day and age a large chunk of our income has to go to logical investments like savings, rent, the list goes on. With the rising cost of living, people are looking to (or should look into) saving money for a sustainable future. That means sacrificing some aspects of pleasure like going out and spending unnecessarily on expensive meals, shopping and high-priced tickets to entertainment events such as movies and concerts.

#4 If you have kids, you’ll always think twice about going out

How many times have you parents thought of catching a movie but get ultimately bogged down by the idea of bringing your kids along? We know you love them with all your hearts, but sometimes you just want some enjoyment outside of the house. You could get a babysitter, but what if that plan fails? You’ll have no choice but to bring them and that entails consideration of a lot of factors before venturing out to watch that movie like the show time (you have to make sure to pick a time that’s not too late), the type of movie (you can’t go for anything above a PG-13 rating) and the type of cinema (is it child-friendly?) to name a few.

As parents, you also think about your children being restless or ending up crying in the theatre, and as considerate viewers you will think about what that means for the others in the hall with you i.e. ending up not enjoying the whole cinematic experience they paid for because of a child’s wails and cries. Which is why most parents simply opt for streaming movies within the comfort of their own homes where their kids can be free to run around and do as they please.

#5 After work, you just want to go home

Imagine the feeling of finishing a 12-hour shift at the office –– all you would want to do after that is kick back in your recliner, order some takeaway food and stream away at your favourite K-dramas. Unless your job allows you to work remotely, which oftentimes means comfortably from your own house, you would always prefer to come back home.

Despite all these reasons, going out to find entertainment in all its forms is inevitable, but one thing’s for sure –– home entertainment is on the rise in a big way and will only get bigger from here. Though nothing can beat real life experience of watching live sports events, music festivals and so on, we at Panasonic believe that we can come as close to it. For ideas on how you can further enrich your at-home entertainment experience, Click here.