How This TV Will Blow Your Mind

Once you go black, you’ll never go back. That saying has never been truer than with the rise of OLED TVs. “What makes OLED TVs so special?” you might ask. Unlike normal LCD/LED televisions, OLEDs or Organic Light Emitting Diodes produce the ‘perfect black’, which makes for infinite contrast ratios, meaning better-looking images and better overall resolution. Enter (our shameless plug for) the FZ950, one of the stars from our 2018 line up of TVs.

Colour unlike any other

Similar to how soundtracks set the tone for films and TV series e.g. Ramin Djawadi’s mystifying tracks for Game of Thrones, such is the same for colour – the more illustrative and true to life the colours appear, the more captivating the experience.

Compare an LCD TV’s distribution of the colour black to that of an OLED’s – LCDs will more often than not end up displaying the colour with a slight greyish tint, whereas OLEDs will make scenes that are rich in black even richer with sharp contrasting colours because of its self-illuminating system that regulates 8 million pixels at once. This applies to all colours, so you can expect a more vivid and wholesome image display from these babies.

Hollywood’s sweetheart

Yes, our very own FZ950 has been around town and is considered the cream of the crop among Hollywood hotshots, which should be enough reason to get you rushing to your nearest electronics store. Hold your horses though, because we don’t expect you to fall for major claims like this without first giving you some context. Professional film and TV colourists endorse OLED technology as it is able to come as close to displaying the actual colours, hues and shades they intend viewers to see, using it during the film-editing process to ensure they project the filmmakers’ vision for colour in its truest form.

Just imagine yourself re-watching The Life of Pi in all its breathtaking, vivid detail, but on a screen that brings out so much more depth of colour than you thought possible.

Overall User Experience

All in all, the FZ950 provides a cinematic viewing experience to match that of movie theatres without compromising on brightness or colour accuracy, or handling the fuss of sharing a screen with a room full of strangers. Apart from its superior colour selling point, the OLED TV offers the prestige of being the ‘Choice of Hollywood’, so take that reiteration as you will. If you fancy yourself a film connoisseur, an avid gamer or if you enjoy hosting a ton of viewing parties, this is one model to definitely consider for elevated, mind-blowing at-home entertainment. The FZ950 is available in 55” or 65” screen sizes with a competitive starting recommended selling price of RM10,999. Another one of our locally available OLED models is the FZ1000, which comes in 65” screen size. Check them out for yourself at your nearest authorised Panasonic retailer or click on this link to find out more.