The Magic of TV

Since the invention of television in 1927, the world has been fascinated by this “box” – although it is more so a flat screen these days – that can transport us into another world right in the comfort of our living room. In the pursuit of producing real to life visuals on our TV screens, we bring you the new VIERA 4K Pro Ultra HD TV.

When you fit the new VIERA 4K PRO ULTRA HD TV into your living room, its sleek & seamless design effortlessly harmonises with the interior of your home, like a piece of art. Switch it on and it will be clear how all the intricate technological upgrades deliver a new level of reality, making this industrial work of art come to life.

Faithful Colour Reproduction

Faithful colour reproduction: Bring the sunset into your home without losing any details.

Be prepared to be awed by the stunning colours of the VIERA 4K Pro. Besides its 4K resolution, VIERA’s acclaimed 6-colour reproduction system, the Hexa Chroma Drive has been further evolved enabling portrayal of images in their original beauty. Along with an increased colour coverage and 3D colour management system, the VIERA 4K Pro is a master at reproducing naturally beautiful colours that look authentic in any scene, including the very dark scenes.

This means in a low light sunset scene; you will still see the highlights of the beautiful sky without losing the details of the picturesque landscape in the shadows.

As Bright As Real Life

Bright as real life: Stunning and realistic picture quality that will make you forget that you are sitting at home.

The beauty of movies and TV shows is they allow us to escape into another world temporarily. The more lifelike your viewing experience, the more captivated you will be. Hence, the new VIERA 4K Pro is equipped with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology to deliver high contrast images with delicate details, allowing you to enjoy images that are much closer to the way your eyes see the real world.

Showcased on a specially designed “Honeycomb” structured Ultra Bright Panel that allows crisp images to be reproduced with top level of brightness, it is the perfect canvas for cinematic colour, outstanding brightness and inky blacks while preserving subtle nuance.

The result? Every lifelike scene will absorb you deeper into a new world of reality; scene-by-scene you will escape further into this captivating new world brought to you by skilful directors.

Heart Of An Artist

Proudly Panasonic: The masterful engine for producing images true to the Director’s vision.

At the heart of it all is Panasonic’s cutting Studio Master HCX+ processing engine that improves colour, contrast and lighting control to deliver professional grade picture quality, accurate to the filmmaker’s original vision.

The combination of superior colour reproduction, crisp brightness and deep contrast delivers a new level of reality, turning your living space into a professional cinema. You will experience the magic of Hollywood right in your living room.

Experience what it feels like to be completely engulfed by the world shown on your screen with the new VIERA 4K Pro. You have to see it to believe it.