What you need to know when choosing a 4K TV

Nowadays, 4K TV is all the hype. By now, we all know that 4K quality delivers 4 times the resolution of a full HD TV to give you a sense of realism when you enjoy your movies, videos or pictures. However, when it comes to choosing a 4K Ultra HD TV, here are some things you might want to look out for.

1. The ability to upscale

Not all contents are available in 4K quality yet, however this does not mean you are unable to enjoy your favourite show in an enhanced picture quality. Look for a TV with the ability to upscale your TV content such as the 4K Fine Remaster Engine found in the Panasonic Viera TV. This high performing image-processing engine can render your blu-ray or DVD full HD video content to an 4K-equivalent resolution.

2. Other supporting picture quality technology

Don’t jump at the first 4K TV you see. Take time to check the other built-in technologies. An important one is the brightness & crispness of the picture produced because everything from colour vibrancy and naturalism to sharpness and clarity benefits from extra brightness. The IPS LED Super Bright Plus in Viera TV will give you improved brightness by 57%* & wider viewing angle further enhancing your TV viewing experience.

3. The ability to reproduce true to life colours

You can have the best resolution in town, but if your TV is unable to reproduce the necessary colours, your video content will not be as realistic. Traditionally, TVs use a 3-colour management system (Green, Red and Blue), the Viera TVs however reproduce your video content with 6 colour axis. This means subtle colours can be fully expressed, providing you with such realism like you're looking at the real world through a window rather than a TV.

4. Easy to use interface

State of the art technology is important, however user-friendliness is equally crucial. Therefore, when you test run your potential TV purchase at the showroom, remember to browse through all the navigations to ensure that you are comfortable and everything you need is easily accessible. The myHomeScreen 2.0 of the Viera TV is simplified to just 3 main buttons with everything you need tucked neatly within them. Coupled with the Info Frame that gives you quick access to useful information such as weather, notification and recommended content, navigating the Viera Tv is beyond smart, it is intuitive.

So, if you are in the market for a new TV, be sure to include these 4 points on your checklist to ensure you take the right 4K Ultra HD TV home with you.